Curling Champions Tour

The Curling Champions Tour (CCT) developed from the World Curling Tour Europe and its origin was the North American World Curling Tour. In the 90s, the CCT was founded by the Canadian Rodger Schmidt and two Swiss men: Markus Eggler and Andreas Schwaller.

The CCT of men and women, as well as the EJCT of the juniors, each start in September. For the men (and since the year 2015 also for the women) the final tournament will take place in April in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The tournaments will be in Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark.

Scores, which the teams in the North American World Curling Tour collect, will be included in the CCT-assessment. The CCT is comparable to the Champions League in football.

The goal from the CCT is to promote and to enhance the curling sport.