Always in the middle of April the ice sports centre „Lerchenfeld“ transforms into the main place for the European Curling. The «EUROPEANMASTERS ST.GALLEN», the official Curling Champions Tour Finale, and the sports tournament ≪SG OPEN≫, both helped to make it the place to be in the world of Curling in the year 2012 (or rather in the year 2008).

The EUROPEANMASTERS was first realized in the year 2012. A great success. The 2’500 people audience enjoyed four days of high class Curling with teams from Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada and Switzerland. For the European Finals of the Champions Tour EUROPEANMASTERS (years 2015 to 2017) the Curling Centre St. Gallen was chosen once again with its new 5-Rink-Curling-Hall. It is the height of the season and it is played after major football events (WC/EC) or the Olympics. Long story short: for four days the best 10-men teams from Europe and from Overseas (according to the current ranking) will play to become the CCT-European Champion. Whilst the tournaments take place, the four best women teams will be integrated as well. They will play their own final tournaments.

The SG OPEN was first realized in the year 2008. Since then 40 teams from Northern Europe, Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland come to St. Gallen every year. Over four days there will be wiping and fighting for victory in the ice sports centre “Lerchenfeld” once again. In 2015 this tournament will take place additionally in the new Curling Centre St. Gallen (new 5-Rink-Hall) – Precision, Tension and Technique can be witnessed live in the Curling matches when the teams play for the desired SG OPEN title while the players make the audience speechless.

SG OPEN meets EUROPEANMASTERS. The SG OPEN will take place with the EUROPEANMASTERS. Active athletes, partners and sponsors will enjoy exciting and emotional Curling-days with the viewers. The two tournaments will combine top athletes from all over the world with sportsmen that play in a different league. This integration of these two types are profitable for the athletes, the audience and also for us organizers because we are glad that we got the permission to make it happen.