Round up day 2!

Sweden with skip Niklas Edin leads the ranking after day 2! Two solid wins against team USA and Scotland with skip Greg Drummond, whos replacing the ill David Murdoch, bring them to four wins and to a secured start at saturday night. For team USA, the loss against Sweden was the only one, staying at 3-1 after 4 games and surprising Europeans Elite and maybe also themselve. Team of the day for sure was Norway with skip Thomas Ulsrud. After two tight losses in the extra end on the first day, they managed to decide both games for their side. Especially the win against their landsmen from team Walstad was quite delicious for the men with the famous pants. Switzerland struggled to come back into the tournament and lost team USA in the afternoon after a solid performance in the morning against Scotland. So it is Smith, Brewster, McCormick and as said Edin, who brought themselve to the best position to qualify for the finals.

At the womens tournament it is the Swiss team of skip Alina Pätz, who controls the game so far. Winning three times with just one point of difference makes them leading the ranking after day 2. With wins against Czech Republic and Scotland, who both are just behind the Swiss with a 2-1 record, they managed to win the games against their biggest opponents for the place in the final. The cheers of the crowd didn't help team Germany with skip Andrea Schöpp, who got injured at a sponsors event in the afternoon, to secure their first win. Defeating Czech Republic with 3:7 and to the second Swiss team with the same result, their chances for the finals on Saturday seem to pass slowly.

Let's look forward for tomorrows games. With Edin vs Brewster, there is a real highclass game in the early morning, where Edin can book his place in the final. Czech Republic against Scotland is the interesting game on the women side, when they play for the place just behind the Swiss leader.

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